Welcome to Development Reimagined, an award-winning blog with two underlying messages that I hope will give you a new way of viewing development and the problem of global poverty.

The first “reimagine” message is that development involves “real people” who act rationally in the situations they (we) find themselves (ourselves) in and with the information they (we) possess. Each blog post draws on real experiences in Kenya, China and the UK – where I have worked – or my travels to other countries. The posts use analogies and critical thinking to come up with new innovative ideas.

The second “reimagine” message draws on the first and is that aid is not the only answer to development. Aid is no more a panacea to economic and social problems in poor and middle income countries than government or philanthropic handouts are to solving problems in richer economies. For instance, an African business person may benefit more from a change in trade duties by China or the UK than aid. The blog posts are aimed at helping you, us, and the public around the world think about how we can all make a difference through personal choices and domestic policies, rather than just handouts.

Why these two “reimagine” messages? I am a diplomat, economist and writer, trying to shape the way the world sees itself and global poverty. In 2006 I was a co-author of the Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change, which shifted climate change from a purely scientific problem that developed countries had to solve, into an economic problem that requires global collaboration. More recently, from 2014-2016, I began shaping China-Africa relations, by leading the United Nations Development Programme’s work with China to help it scale up and improve its support for developing countries. A Kenyan and British citizen, I was nominated as 2016 “New African Woman on the Rise”. I am now opening a new development consultancy with the same name and vision as this blog.

Please enjoy reading, and please do share your feedback.

Thank you, Asante, 谢谢, Merci!